Payroll-related taxes can be complicated: How much should go where, and when? Didn't that tax law change a while ago? Where did I put that form? Which form should I use? When is it due?
    It's a lot to keep up with, especially when you have a business to run. And when a deadline is missed, the penalties aren't immediate, yet they are swift and stern. It takes the IRS some time to find a missed payment, but they are quick to assess fines upon late fees upon penalties when they do.The assessments mount up, and soon you've amassed quite a bill to the government.

A good payroll company keeps track of every tax regarding your payroll that you need to pay: to whom, when, and how much. Service Plus does this and more, with preparation of all payroll-related tax returns, and if desired, the actual remittance of the applicable taxes. We keep track of your payroll taxes at every level:

You need only to decide who will complete the payments.