Your business is unique; tailoring to your needs is what makes our business unique.


COMPLETE H/R functionality
Track employee certifications with reminders for re-certification, emergency contacts, birthdays, performance review dates and many other employee demographics.
-Company Setup gives you unlimited divisions, departments, state IDs, Workers Compensation Codes, three period set dates, and company-wide scheduled pays, deductions, and exemptions.
Powerful Employee Management
-Accessible from ANY internet-connected computer!
-Complete access to pertinent data for every employee
-Pay/Deduction codes and descriptions are listed.
-Available departments and rates for that employee.
-Employee Setup information.
-Month-to-Date, Quarter-to-Date, and Year-to-Date totals for all pays, deductions, and taxes for that employee.
-Text fields for detailed special instructions.
-Tax calculations and breakdowns
Crystal Reports
-Makes it easy for your organization to view reports by customizing them to match your needs.
-Tailor reports to include ANY criteria you wish!
-Truly unlimited report options with the ability to recall customized reports in the future.
-Federal, state, and local tax statuses. Our Smart State Tax Setup makes the unruly task of configuring multi-state taxes a breeze.
-Unlimited state and local taxes can be processed just as easily!
Scheduled Pays and Deductions
-Unlimited scheduled pays and deductions are available for each employee.
-Deductions can be based on Flat Amounts, Credit to Net, Hours Paid, Hours Worked, % of Gross, % of Net, or % of Worked.
-Each deduction can also have limits, declining loan balance tracking, and automatically generated 3rd party deduction checks.

-Look complicated? Don't worry, we can sort out all of these options for you.

Unlimited Options
-Our Company Options sets up each clients' payroll to be a customized package that meets their specific needs and desires.




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